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Great Media can add tremendous value to your listings and your clients property. Our team is committed to providing effective, high-quality visuals that help you marketing your listings and make a lasting impression on potential buyers. Let us help you showcase your property in the best possible light.

Interior & Exterior
HDR Photography Packages

Make you Listing Stand out with High Quality Interior and Exterior Photo! We offer 3 Interior and Exterior Packages:


  • Small (15-20 Photos) - $175

  • Medium (25-30 Photos) - $215

  • Large (35-40 Photos) - $245

  • XL Package (50+ Photo) - $275+

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Aerial Photography
HDR Photography Packages

Take you listing to new heights with HD Drone Photography!

We offer 2 Aerial Packages:


  • Add-on (4-6 Photos) - $95

  • Standard Drone Only (4-6 Photos) - $125

  • XL Drone Package (8+ Photos) - $165

  • Property Lines (overlay) - $45

Twilight Photography
(Golden Hour Photos)

Twilight photography can really make your listing stand out from the rest. Lets make your property shine with twilight photography services.

Package 1: (3-6 Photos ground only) $135

Package 2: (4-7 Photos including aerials) $155

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Video Tours

Our Listing Video Tours are the ultimate marketing tool for real estate agents looking to help potential buyers create a new relationship with a home. With customizable options including, stabilized smooth ground video, drone footage, professional voice overs, and captivating music, we can create a video that accentuates the key areas of the house. Get in touch today to give your listings an edge that your competitors won't be able to match!

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